Welcome to the web-site of DOZAM, s.r.o. - International Truck Transport

DOZAM has been active in the transport market since 1997. Gradually it has transformed into the current
form of DOZAM s.r.o. During its activity we have succeeded in achieving a stable position and reputation
in the domestic and foreign transport market.

To increase the quality and efficiency of services rendered by us we have decided to implement an already existing functioning system of quality management in accordance with ISO norm 9001:2000

For our customers we are able to arrange a wide range of services ranging from express transport of piece shipments to loading of whole trucks. We also arrange shipping of powdery material, oversize freight,
as well as transport of dangerous goods according to the international ADR agreement. We have
experience with transport of goods within Europe, Asia and South America. We dispose of own storage premisses, using which we are able to arrange storage of any amount of goods.

Standard semitrailers, megatrailers, vehicles with the total weight of up to 12t, 7.5 t, as well as vans are
a part of our fleet. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring system and fulfill strict emission
and security standards of the European union. Smooth transport and delivery of your goods will be
secured by an experieced team of dispatchers and professional drivers.